The Mamamapambo

    The Mamamapambo Boutique Hotel is located on the wonderful white beach of Jambiani,
    a fishing village where time seems to have stopped still.


    We are famous for the elegant
    but relaxed environment.


    We only host adults to make the atmosphere
    more intimate and welcoming.


    It is the right choice if you need
    to recharge your batteries.


    The mamamapambo
    to do List

    • Enjoy long walks

      Discover Zanzibar

      Enjoy long walks on the fine white pristine beach and discover the real Zanzibari life by roaming around the village.

    • relax on the veranda

      Admire the view

      Laze on the veranda as you sip a cocktail while admiring the colors of the sea and listening to the sound of the waves.

    • A regenerating swim

      In the crystal-clear water

      Refresh yourself with a revitalising swim on the turquoise calm water of the Indian Ocean.

    • Spoil Yourself

      Food served on the beach

      Spoil yourself with our food served directly on the beach or in the restaurant.

    • Pamper yourself

      Dream comes True

      Pamper yourself with the morning coffee served on the veranda and continue with the succulent breakfast facing the sea and with the snack offered by our staff while you relax on the beach and why not, also indulge in an energizing massage.

      Zanzibar Tours


        Jambiani boasts the most beautiful backdrops inside the coral reef of the area! Aboard a traditional sailing boat used by fishermen, Captain Salum will lead you to visit real natural pools with crystal clear waters where you can dive to admire corals, starfish, sponges and fish of all shapes, colors and sizes; it can also be the occasion for a simple bath when the low tide does not allow it to shore. Sailing on this very special boat is already a spectacular and timeless experience.   

        • Duration: about 3 hours.
        • Mask and fins included.
        • Sandals or rock shoes are required.
        • We recommend cap, t-shirt and protective cream to avoid burns.

        A wonderful day of sun and sea! From Stonetown, we will take you on a beautiful wooden traditional boat to Changu Island, also known as Prison Island, an island surrounded by crystal clear waters where slaves were once held; here you will have the opportunity to caress and feed the giant land turtles and visit what remains of the ancient prisons. After another half hour of navigation you will arrive at a truly magical place: a pristine tongue of sand that emerges from the water crystalline of the ocean; a true oasis of peace, with wonderful backdrops for snorkeling; after an informal but rich lunch sheltered from the heat, based on Swahili specialties, fruit, fish and more, there is still time to rest or take another bath, before returning to Stonetown accompanied by the rustle of the wind beating on the unfolded sails.

        • Duration: full day. 
        • Mask, fins and lunch included.
        • Recommended slippers or sandals and clothing not succinct in the boarding area in the city center.

        Our guide will show you the most evocative glimpses of the capital, revealing its stories and anecdotes. Stonetown is considered to be the most fascinating and rich in atmosphere south of the Sahara; in fact, its ability to absorb external cultures has made it extremely cosmopolitan and all this is reflected in both architecture and people: a mix of Africans, Arabs, Indians and Europeans living in perfect harmony. During the tour you will visit the lively Darajani market, the old town with its narrow streets full of shops and stalls like the Arab souk, the former slave market, the Anglican Cathedral Church of Christ, the squat towers and the coral rock walls of the Arab Fort, the magnificent House of Wonder: symbolic building of Zanzibar now national museum, the Forodhani Gardens, Freddy Mercury's birthplace and more.

        • Duration: half a day.Not required clothing is not succinct.
      • SPICE TOUR

        Zanzibar è famosa nel mondo come " l'isola delle spezie "; sarebbe quindi un peccato perdersi una rilassante e fresca passeggiata nelle piantagioni, inebriati dal profumo di chiodi di garofano, cannella, cardamomo, citronella, cumino, vaniglia, zenzero, zafferano e altro ancora.
        Lungo il cammino, sarai omaggiato di simpatici gadgets realizzati con foglie intrecciate e al termine della gita potrai assaporare, con un po' di frutta, una selezione di tè e tisane preparati con queste spezie, che potrai acquistare sul posto se lo riterrai opportuno. 
        Zanzibar is world famous as "the island of spices"; it would therefore be a shame to miss a relaxing and fresh walk in the plantations, intoxicated by the scent of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, lemongrass, cumin, vanilla, ginger, saffron and more. Along the way, you will be honored with nice gadgets made with leaves entwined and at the end of the tour you will be able to taste, with some fruit, a selection of teas and herbal teas prepared with these spices, which you can buy on the spot if you think it appropriate.

        • Duration: 1/2 day.  Suggest closed shoes and long trousers.

        Discover the pleasure of an exciting swim among the dolphins in front of the wild southern coast of the island!

        • Duration: 1/2 day ONLY IN THE MORNING. Mask and fins included.

        It is the largest area (10 km2) that remains of the endemic alluvial forest that once covered almost the whole island before it was subjected to reclamation and crops; it constitutes a rich set of different natural habitats of the island; entering inside, between lianas and imposing trees of ficus and red mahogany, exotic birds, antelopes, vervets, reptiles and mangroves whose view really takes your breath away, you will find yourself surrounded by Colobus monkeys: characterized by a red cloak and a character tame, they are exclusive to Zanzibar; to preserve their existence and the balance of this fragile ecosystem, since 1995 Jozani has become a protected area.

        • Duration: about 3 hours. Recommended closed shoes and long pants.
      • QUAD TOUR

        An exclusive route that will allow you to reach and explore a still unspoiled part of the island, through sugar cane plantations, pineapples and spices, we will take you to discover traditional red earth trips where you will visit one of the mud houses . A unique experience for lovers of adventure and nature and for those who want to experience Zanzibar and learn about the culture and habits of the local populations.

        • Duration: half day

        Our tour guide is available to study for you different and original tours.

        THE 6 double ROOMS

        The rooms are stylish with great character, the colours of Africa are felt throughout. Our ethnic style furniture is produced by artisans from the island and are all unique handmade pieces.



          Experience comfort in our Deluxe Garden View Rooms, featuring a charming wooden four-poster double bed with a mosquito net. The spacious suite includes a large bathroom with dual basins and a generous shower, a separate wardrobe area, and a roomy veranda. Enjoy the ceiling fan or the air conditioning in these garden view rooms for a refreshing stay.



          Indulge in our Deluxe Sea Front Rooms, complete with a cozy wooden four-poster double bed draped with a mosquito net. These suites boast a large bathroom with two basins and an expansive shower, a separate wardrobe area and a spacious sea front veranda. To keep your room cool, you have the option of enjoying the pleasant natural sea breeze, using the ceiling fan or turning on the A/C.



          Enjoy the charm of our Premium Sea View rooms, thoughtfully designed with an "African" theme. Located on the first floor, these rooms offer a secluded and stunning sea view, a large wooden double bed and a distinctive round shower in the bathroom with dual basins. Additionally, the rooms feature a spacious wardrobe area, a comforting ceiling fan and an inviting veranda with sea view. Throughout the room and veranda, you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze to enhance your relaxation experience..

          RESTAURANT & BAR

          Nestled in the picturesque internal sea view courtyard and extending to a charming seafront veranda, our restaurant offers a delightful dining experience.Our menu includes seafood specialties, artisanal pasta, local dishes and options for vegetarians, vegans and those needing gluten-free dishes. Enjoy your meal with a stunning view and the gentle sea breeze.


          Our private beach offers the perfect retreat with comfortable sun loungers, pristine sands, and crystal-clear waters. Relax in an exclusive setting and soak up the sun in style..

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